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Help Senior Clients Maintain Joy Despite a Chronic Disorder

Man and his best friend

A chronic disorder doesn’t have to dampen a senior client’s spirits.

Have you ever started your day and figured, “It’s going to be one of those days!” Perhaps your alarm didn’t go off, the hot water heater decided to stop working, and the dog chewed up one of your favorite shoes overnight. Then envision if each day were “one of those days!” Hillendale’s Walnut Creek home care professionals know that for somebody coping with a chronic disorder (and that’s much of the older adult population), day-to-day struggles and challenges can be a given.

Nonetheless, there are many ways that you can help seniors realize joy in the face of chronic illness when providing home care. For instance:

  • Help clients pursue their passions. Discovering purpose and meaning in every day is essential – and achievable. Many seniors uncover fulfillment in assisting and supporting other people. Others thrive on being lifelong learners. For some it can mean documenting the past for the following generation. Brainstorm ideas until you arrive at one that sparks passion, and then help the senior make it a reality.
  • Help clients practice a positive attitude. One smart way to quickly attain an even more positive perspective on life is through journaling. Encourage the senior in your care to start every day by creating a summary of everything they’re grateful for that morning, including the seemingly mundane: the smell of fresh coffee brewing, a cat curled up in a sunbeam, a scheduled lunch date with a friend. At the conclusion of each week, sit together and read back through the prior entries for a quick and reliable pick-me-up.
  • Steer clear of negativity. Including a measure of positivity as mentioned above can naturally bring about decreased negativity, but there are additional steps which you can take to help the senior as well. For instance, provide breaks from tasks that induce aggravation, allowing for needed time to de-stress. Put the emphasis on undertaking tasks that can be carried out successfully, and find an alternate solution for those that are too challenging.
  • Get out of the house. Preserving as active a lifestyle as possible outside the home is often energizing for older adults. Encourage the senior to go out for hair appointments, shopping trips, visits with good friends, and other fun outings, as much as they are able. Even simply going outdoors and relaxing on the front porch when weather permits can greatly increase someone’s state of mind and outlook.

For more tips to help a senior client struggling with the effects of a chronic disorder, visit Hillendale Home Care’s website. Additionally, you can also explore opportunities to join Hillendale Home Care’s team of care experts through our CNA and HHA school.