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Characteristics to Look for in a Home Care Companion in Walnut Creek CA!

Characteristics to Look for in a Home Care Companion in Walnut Creek CA!

Two of the best traits in a home care companion are kindness and compassion.  It makes the person who the caregiver is taking care of feel both safe and understood.  It also protects that person’s dignity.  Other characteristics for consideration are:Characteristics to Look for in a Home Care Companion in Walnut Creek CA!

  • A good caregiver will be willing to sit still and just ‘be.” Sitting and holding your family member’s hand and listening to what story he or she has to tell is important.  To give your loved one the time and having the willingness to let your family member share a piece of his or herself is a priceless gift.
  • Being willing to be flexible if the occasion arises.  For instance, say you couldn’t get back in time or were held up for some reason.  Some elderly people can’t be let alone even for a few minutes and may get confused or frightened if this is done.  Would the companion be willing to wait until you got back?
  • The caregiver would be aware of any changes in your loved one’s eating habits or appearance.  This doesn’t mean the companion has to have a medical degree but he or she must be able to tell if your family member is a little “off” or maybe not eating.  Or maybe your family member is running a fever or is complaining of a bad headache.  By observing any changes and making sure you know so a physician can be seen early; this is priceless. This can prevent an illness from worsening and your senior ending up having a long stay in the hospital.
  • Can the companion be comfortable outside his or her own comfort zone?  For example, if your family member acts up while in public, will the companion be able to handle the situation with grace and tact?  Would the caregiver be willing to do a little dance on the sidewalk if that is what your senior feels like doing?
  • Being drama free.  This means the caregiver wouldn’t bring personal problems to your family member’s home.  No talking about personal issues or problems because that could add to any emotional turmoil your family member may be suffering from.  His or her job should be making your family member comfortable and as happy as possible.
  • Does the caregiver have a similar hobby or hobbies which he or she could share with your family member and talk about?  Maybe the caregiver likes crocheting or likes to knit?  Maybe the companion builds model cars as a hobby and so does your senior.  It’s not something which is always possible; but when it happens, it’s great. 

Being a home care companion is about more than cooking meals and doing the laundry. Sometimes it’s sharing a piece of his or herself or being a little silly.  Sometime it’s finding a common interest which both the senior and the caregiver can enjoy doing.  Sometimes, it’s going beyond the call of duty.  And lastly; it’s treating your client like family.

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Hillendale CNA and HHA School. Hillendale Home Care is licensed by the State of California to provide Certified Nursing training courses for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

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