East Bay CNA from Hillendale Home Care is licensed by the State of California to provide Certified Nursing training courses for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

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Hillendale Home Care CNA School- Offering the Best Training and the Best Caregivers in the Walnut Creek Area

(November 21, 2013) Walnut Creek, California — Hillendale Home Care, located in Walnut Creek, CA, offers regular CNA and HHA Classes. They are licensed by the State of Hillendale Home Care CNA School- Offering the Best Training and the Best Caregivers in the Walnut Creek AreaCalifornia to provide Certified Nursing training courses for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

They also provide home care services for seniors and families in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, San Ramon, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Concord, Moraga, Antioch, Clayton, and East Bay Area.

The next CNA classes will be held January 6 – February 20, 2014.


The goals of Hillendale Home Care CNA training program are:

  • To prepare a student to take the California State CNA Certification Test following 7 weeks of instruction in theory and clinical training.
  • To prepare CNA trainees with the knowledge, skills and judgement to provide care under the direction of a RN, LVN and/or a licensed Physician.
  • To expand and enhance the educational career ladder opportunities in the field of nursing.
  • To instill a commitment to provide rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance of health.

Their 28-Day CNA Training Program includes classroom theory training (60 hours), clinical training (100 hours total), with a curriculum that includes the following:


  • In compliance with OBRA & Title 22 regulations to include in the curriculum
  • Introduction to Nursing Assistant
  • Patients’ Rights
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skill
  • Body Mechanics
  • Medical & Surgical Asepsis
  • Weights & Measures
  • Patient Care Skills
  • Patient Care Procedures
  • Vital Signs
  • Nutrition
  • Emergency Procedures & Safety
  • Care of the Long-Term Resident
  • Rehabilitative Nursing
  • Observation & Charting
  • Death & Dying

Registration Requirements:

  • All students will be required to complete FBI fingerprints within the first week of the program.
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Identification with Recent Picture (California Driver’s License, Military ID, Current Passport, etc.)
  • Physical Exam
  • Current T.B. Test
  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $200.00 (visit our site for a coupon for $200 off the registration fee!)
Here’s what one student said about Hillendale Home Care and their CNA Classes:
“I received my CNA & HHA training from Hillendale. My instructors, Rhonda & Leslie, both RNs for many years are in my opinion, the best of the best. Both of them were my CNA instructors & Rhonda was my HHA instructor. Their passion, compassion, expertise & experience are evident from the very first class. When I sat for my California exam & clinical, it was very plain to see the difference of our training versus others. We were truly prepared capable & very professional. I spoke with various people about their experience at other training sites, I discovered that I had lucked out by getting some of the best class room & clinical training at the best price! The saying you get what you pay for, was totally untrue in this case. I am now a CNA & HHA & am looking forward to a career in helping provide care to seniors. I would recommend Hillendale if you are looking for training to become a CNA.” -Karen I
By teaching and certifying nurses aides through their programs, Hillendale Home Care in Walnut Creek CA has the opportunity to choose the best caregivers to be their employees.
Families looking for senior care or elder care services in the Walnut Creek area should contact Hillendale Home Care for the best services and the most compassionate caregivers. Contact them at 925-948-8280.

Educational Opportunities in Bay Area CA


Classes Walnut Creek CA

Classes Walnut Creek CA

We have A LOT of educational opportunities happening before the end of the year!

December 4: 8 Hr CEU on Depression 8:30am-4pm
December 9-13: 40 Hr HHA course
December 16-20: 40 Hr HHA course

Call us to get more specific details and reserve your spot at any of these great opportunities to advance your knowledge and career!


The Positive Aspects of a Career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide in CA

Certified nursing assistants (CNA) work in a hospital, adult daycare facilities, assisted living facilities, group homes, or a private home.  Most CNA’s however work in hospitals providing assistance to registered nurses, RN’s and licensed practical nurses, LPN’s.  Almost all RN’s and LPN’s agree that CNA’s make their job easier by freeing them up for important tasks like administering medicine and performing necessary patient treatments.Certified Nurse's Aide CA

CNA certification is much quicker than the degree in nursing necessary to become either an RN or LPN.  There are some states that even approve online training for the class work necessary for a CNA certificate.  Getting certification can be done in as little 4 to 6 weeks.  To gain admission to a licensing facility applicants must be at least 18 and have either a high school diploma or GED.  Many local community colleges offer the classes and training needed to get a CNA certificate.

Being a CNA in many cases allow you to work when it best suits your schedule.  This can allow you to work only on weekends, and hold down another full time job during weekdays.   This can be especially attractive for someone who has children that aren’t yet in school.  They can avoid the costs of daycare, and provide care for their small children.

The satisfaction in being able to help another person is another positive aspect of being a CNA. There can be enormous satisfaction in using your skills to improve the life of another person.  In some cases the job can actually be fun if you are the caregiver for an active senior.  They may attend social gatherings, or play bingo once per week and you might find that you enjoy spending time in their social circles.

Being a CNA in a residential elder care facility can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.  Being in a position to touch and have an influence on several different people’s lives can be very satisfying and rewarding.  Being able to laugh and interact with seniors can give a person a feeling of being needed.  CNA’s must often provide some emotional support to their patients who have experienced an emotionally trying event. Making a difference in helping people cope with tragedy in their lives can also be very satisfying and emotionally rewarding.

Anticipating, or knowing that a patient needs some extra attention can provide a CNA with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.  Many seniors try to hide their emotions and vulnerabilities.  Once a CNA becomes familiar with the patients they can learn to look beyond the façade and tell how a patient is really coping.  Being able to see past the outer shell and discover the person inside can be a very satisfying, and emotionally rewarding accomplishment for a CNA.

Hillendale Home Care is currently accepting applications for our CNA School. Please call Hillendale Home Care at 925-933-8181 to apply or use our quick application e-form.